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Multi award winner bathroom designer, Adelaide based Outside Square continues to set enviable standards in providing their clients with bathrooms that boast design excellence, the ultimate bathroom solution.

2014 HIA/CSR Bathroom Design of the Year

2014 HIA/CSR Bathroom Design of the Year


2013 KBDi Bathroom Designer of the Year (SA), Angela Gianakis. Drama is featured through the use of black gloss rectified tiles within this award winning bathroom. The expansive use of mirror converts this small area into a spacious striking bathroom to be enjoyed by the entire family and their guests.


2013 HIA Renovated Bathroom Project, up to $30,000. This award winning renovated bathroom, is a transformation that embraces creativity and melds an earthy palette of colours together with crisp white. The combination of textures and materials providing interesting metallic focal points further enhancing the small area.


2012 HIA Bathroom Design of the Year. This award winning bathroom provides a tranquil retreat for the clients to enjoy. The design reflects function, form and rhythm all factors contributing to this enjoyable daily retreat within the client’s home.


2010 Bathroom Design of the Year. Warm metallic hues complimented by the earthy texture pattern synonymous with travertine tiles. This ensuite bathroom boasts ample storage space and privacy to surpass the client’s expectations


Designing within a confined bathroom space

The bathroom designer typically needs to present the collection of modern bathroom facilities gracefully and functionally, yet in a confined space. An important design outcome is to also enable people to be able to use the bathroom comfortably and safely even when there may not be generous space in the room. In a family situation this situation is even more pressing when 2 or more people may crowd into the family bathroom striving to keep their morning ontrack.

Design the bathroom to be a safe area

Wet areas, slippery floors, hard edges and glass surfaces can create a potentially dangerous environment, especially for the aged and young unsupervised children. The bathroom designer is tasked with making the bathroom as safe as it can be.

Building a beautifully designed bathroom

The practical considerations of building the bathroom need to be well considered by the interior designer. Dimensions need to match available bathroom fittings and building materials.

Bathroom Design Compliance

The bathroom presents a myriad of regulatory requirements for the designer to consider. Plumbing, electrical and building code requirements intersect in this small but important room. The bathroom designer has to ensure all of these services are delivered appropriately but safely.

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