“It’s great to be home!”

Our team work together with you to create a home which embraces this feeling and importantly, one that reflects your personality. Your home’s external presence comprises your dreams and ideals.

Home: a place where people use as a permanent residence …the team at Outside Square believe a home, “Is your place… a place for you and your family to live, work, enjoy, and relax.”

Holiday home: a place that people own in order to holiday in and that is in a different location… “It’s your place… a place for you and your family to live, enjoy, and relax, in a different location.”


Striking and well-designed exterior that is sensitive to the client’s needs. The materials, colours and textures provide the client an easy to maintain exterior.


The placement and choice of materials, were ideally selected to reflect the client’s brief of wanting a home that “has a Balinese feel.”


An innovative use of materials was incorporated to provide a sophisticated timeless appeal.


National award winning home that embraces important elements of design: balance, unity and colour. This multiple award winning home, epitomises excellence.


Feel like you’re away from home, when you’re home.


Award winning display home. The builder’s choice in working together with a design team who understand the importance of a “home on display that is reflective of their clients”.


Award winning home built on a sloping site. This home symbolises that careful integration of materials has timeless appeal.


A simple and effective integration of materials conveying timeless elegance.


Our innovative approach to providing creative design is evidence that our creative design is not a result of chance.

Outside Square