White is back with “a vengeance” says design expert Angela Gianakis.

Angela Gianakis is an award-winning interior and exterior designer who specialises in helping people to create homes and living areas with unique character and personality.

Her regular business trips allow Angela to keep abreast of emerging design products and features at the worlds most famous home and lifestyle exhibitions. “My focus is on helping people to embrace these ideas into homes that showcase their own personalities,” Angela said. “That is a great part of the Home Living Expo because it allows me to engage directly with people about innovative design influences from the world stage that may be incorporated into their plans. “Trends come and go, but those that create lasting impressions can bring stylish and enduring qualities into interior and exterior design.”

Angela, director of Outside Square, has won numerous industry awards for her specialist skills in kitchen and bathroom design creating appealing balance between style, simplicity and function. She will present two seminars each day of the Home Living Expo with an emphasis on how latest design ideas can be applied in building new homes and renovation projects.

“Timber veneer-style laminates are a big new feature for bench tops, tables and entertainment units,” Angela explained. “Reflective, textured and timber surfaces are also popular. White is back in a big way in kitchen designs to reflect simplicity and longevity. However, when it comes to colours the emphasis is on softer tones, textures and harmonious combinations while in taper gold and copper is all the rage.”

Reproduced from the article ‘Design winner shares insights’ in the Sunday Mail.