Outside Square has established itself as Adelaide’s well respected interior designer company

Outside Square offers you a Home Interior Designer service with the team’s main focus being to provide you with ideas and alternatives within your home that reflect your personality and style. Our team is very focused and have a strong commitment to providing you with the ideas and information to help you make informed decisions that relate to one of your proudest financial investments.

Our designer team work together to identify national and international trends and meld them together with our client’s needs to create innovative and personalised interiors that best define our clients. “We take concepts and personalise them,…, to reflect timeless personalised style”. Our scheduled design consulting time with our clients enables us to establish parameters in creating a personalised unique interior concept for their home.

We take the stress out of design and help you create a livable space that showcases your personality and is a joy to come home to.



“It’s great to be home!”

Our team work together with you to create a home which embraces this feeling and importantly, one that reflects your personality. Your home’s external presence comprises your dreams and ideals.

Home: a place where people use as a permanent residence …the team at Outside Square believe a home, “Is your place… a place for you and your family to live, work, enjoy, and relax.”

Holiday home: a place that people own in order to holiday in and that is in a different location… “It’s your place… a place for you and your family to live, enjoy, and relax, in a different location.”