Award winning Kitchen designer in Adelaide

2014 Award winning kitchen, 2014 KBDi Large Kitchen Designer of the Year (SA).

How do you find the right Kitchen Designer in Adelaide?

Need a kitchen designer in Adelaide for your kitchen renovation new project or perhaps you are building a new home for the family. Either way the dilemma is the same – how do you find someone who will create a stylish looking yet practical kitchen space – A cooking space that you will enjoy.

How do you find a Kitchen Designer?

As a member of the public looking to build a new home with a magnificent kitchen, or maybe renovating to transform your current kitchen into a magnificent place to cook and create, its difficult to choose a kitchen designer. Here’s a few ideas to help you make that difficult selection:

Finding kitchen designers in Adelaide

Speak to your builder
Your builder may know and have even worked with a kitchen designer who they respect

Designer Referrals
Friends and work mates may know a kitchen designer they would recommend.

Googling designers
Find designers by searching in Google. Don’t forget that Google doesn’t recognise the quality of a designers work – only their website! Make sure you find a designer who works in Adelaide. Design by remote control is fraught with  difficulty.

Checkout their previous work
Found a kitchen style you like in a magazine, kitchen exhibition or home show. Checkout who designed it! 

Certification & Industry Bodies
Check out interior designer industry peek bodies like the Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute
Industry associations tend to attract high quality candidates because they insist on member qualifications to join their organisations.
When there are awards and recognitions make a note of these designers – they represent the very best in their industry. It probably comes as no surprise that our principal designer, Angela Gianakis is an award winning interior, bathroom and kitchen designer.

Selecting your Kitchen Designer

So now you’ve got a short list of kitchen designers, how do you decide which is the right designer for you ?
Here’s a few tips we think should influence your final selection:

Kitchen Design Experience

How much experience has this designer has in the industry. Do they understand the practical issues around make beautiful spaces that are also functional. No point having a beautiful kitchen that is unworkable. This experience has to be learned, and time and exposure to all types of practical challenges is the best teacher.

Is the kitchen designer right for you ?

Design is often a very personal thing – so review the designer’s previous works to find out if you like their design ideas and broadly match the style you are looking for.

What are your kitchen design needs?

Making a list of things that you want and don’t want in your new kitchen. This is the beginnings of a ‘design brief’ and will help you and your designer through the process. Here’s an example of a design brief

Kitchen Budget

A key consideration for most of us is the project budget. Matching the designer to your budget is another important consideration. Your budget will need accommodate the kitchen design, fit out and possibly new appliances.

How do Builders find a kitchen designer ?

If you are a builder looking for a kitchen designer, you might ask someone you know in the building industry, or refer to an industry peak body such as HIA. More typically, industry referrals are generally the best form of connection to a bathroom or kitchen designer in Adelaide.