The wisest investment is in quality advice for bathroom and kitchen projects.

While cost is a key consideration in home building and renovation, there are real dangers in cutting corners at the expense of quality design and workmanship that will deliver enduring style and functionality.

This is particularly important with bathrooms and kitchens where professional design, plumbing, fittings and finishes will reliably deliver desired outcomes.

Award-winning interior and exterior designer, Angela Gianakis (right), said rooms featuring wet areas were invariably the most expensive to create and renovate.

“So it is understandable why many people consider compromising on quality for cheaper options,” she said.

“My message is that investing wisely in bathroom and kitchens – two of the busiest rooms in any household – is not necessarily about arriving at the least expensive solution.

“Rather, the focus should be on making informed decisions. This may mean spending a little extra to achieve a bathroom or kitchen that is not only functional, but also a living space that will be a lasting feature and add value to the home.”

At the Building and Home Improvement Show. Angela will be happy to discuss opportunities to work together with people who are building new homes or renovating to emphasise the importance of seeking expert, trusted advice.

Angela, the director of Outside Square, has won numerous industry awards for her specialist skills in kitchen and bathroom design creating an appealing balance between style, simplicity and function.

She regularly travels to overseas home and lifestyle exhibitions to stay at the forefront of international design trends and features.

Visitors to the Building and Home Improvement Show can meet Angela at the Outside Square site D158 in the Jubilee Pavilion to gain valuable insights into latest fashions that they can embrace into their own homes.

“I love to help people create homes with defining style that reflects their particular preferences and personality.” she said.

“My advice to them will be to hasten slowly, consider the consequences of bad decisions and seek the best advice on designs and products that will make lasting impressions.”

Angela will present two seminars each day at the Building and Home Improvement Show with an emphasis on how latest design ideas can be applied in building new homes and renovation projects.

Reproduced from the article ‘Quality workmanship, design deliver results‘ in The Advertiser.